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Books and catalogues of the following Translocal projects are available for purchase through the links below.

River Ecologies (2015)
Loophole to Happiness
Revolutionary Decadence (2009)
Revolution I Love You (2008)
Revolution is not a Garden Party (2007)
Unframed Landscapes (2004)

Revolution I Love You
Edited by: Maja and Reuben Fowkes
Published: Manchester Metropolitan University, 2008 ISBN 978-1-905476-34-3

Revolution I Love You considers the interconnection of art, politics and philosophy in 1968 across a divided Europe. It is a mosaic of interviews, statements and essays by prominent theorists, historians, curators, cultural workers and artists that shows the multipolar and interrelated experience of that extraordinary year.

Contributing artists and theorists: Maja and Reuben Fowkes, Kostis Kornetis, Rajko Grlić, Viktor Misiano, Kwiekulik, Fia Stina Sandlund, Jens Kastner, Heath Bunting, Oliver Ressler, RugaNegra, Jean Baptiste Ganne, Łukasz Ronduda, Mladen Stilinović, G.M. Tamás, Tamás St.Auby, Simon Ford, Miklós Erhardt, Nancy Davenport, Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Marko Lulić, Krunoslav Stojaković and Katja Diefenbach.




River Ecologies: Contemporary Art and Environmental Humanities on the Danube
Edited by: Maja and Reuben Fowkes
Published by: Translocal Institute Budapest
ISBN: 978-963-12-2126-8

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Challenging anthropocentric conventions that seek to harness the river for economic, cultural and political purposes, River Ecologies places the complex ecological materiality of the Danube at the centre of artistic and scholarly attention. Drawing on the insights of artists, scientists, anthropologists, writers and environmental historians, brought together in the experiential setting of the River School, this collective inquiry journeys to sites of urban and natural wilderness to explore issues of reciprocity, resilience, non-human agency and interspecies solidarity. From the confluence of contemporary art and environmental humanities, the artistic and theoretical reflections of River Ecologies flow through the critical habitats of Rewilding Mentalities, Avian Ethnographies, Environmental Histories and Biosphere Responsibility to reengage with the natural world.

Contributors: Greta Alfaro, Lise Autogena, Vlad Basalici, Anca Benera and Arnold Estefan, Ursula Biemann, Axel Braun, Peter Coates, Ian Fairlie, Fernando Garcia-Dory, Michal Hvorecky, John Jordan and Isa Fremeaux, József R. Juhász, Tamás Kaszás and Anikó Loránt, Szabolcs Kisspál, London Fieldworks, Cecylia Malik, Ilona Németh, James Prosek, Andrea Roe, Martin Schmid, Miruna Tîrcă, Vaylo

Price 20 euro plus p&p

Loophole to Happiness
Edited by: Maja and Reuben Fowkes
Published by:
December 2011
ISBN: 978-963-08-2491-0

Loophole to Happiness reassesses the left critique of socialism through the work of dissident theorists and artists, reviving the spirit and working methods of the neo-avant-garde to suggest contemporary routes to escape the smooth surface of capitalism.

Contributors: Zbyněk Baladrán, Franco Bifo Berardi, Adam Chodzko, Petra Feriancova, Maja & Reuben Fowkes, Miklós Haraszti, Siniša Labrović, Ciprian Muresan, Csaba Nemes, Nada Prlja, Janek Simon, Péter Szabó, Tamás St.Auby and Katarina Šević.


Revolutionary Decadence
Edited by: Maja and Reuben Fowkes
Published: 2009

Revolutionary Decadence focuses on the effect of the changes of 1989 on a single community in one locality, namely the enclave of foreign artists within the Budapest art world, and examines their participation in libratory forms of sociability, negotiation of the politics of belonging, and contribution to a post-national understanding of contemporary art in post-communist Europe.


Revolution is not a Garden Party
Edited by: Maja and Reuben Fowkes
Published: Manchester Metropolitan University, 2007
ISBN: 978-1905476121

Revolution is not a Garden Party brings together the artistic response to contemporary revolution represented by the exhibition and new reflections on the relationship between art and revolution by theorists and art historians.

With essays by Gerald Raunig, Benda Hofmeyr, Simon Sheikh, Chus Martinez and Maja and Reuben Fowkes that engage with issues such as art and revolution, aesthetics and politics, and ecology and anarchism.


Unframed Landscapes
Edited by: Maja and Reuben Fowkes
Published: HDLU, Zagreb, 2004
ISBN: 953-6508176

Unframed Landscapes explores our relationship with nature across the full range of current media, including: landscapes painted from train windows, video photography exploring gender and landscape, computer animation researching images of a natural phenomenon on the web, digital snaps expressing the marginality of nature in city life, and physical interventions in the natural environment. The participating artists were Balázs Beöthy, Ivan Bura, Péter Császar, János Fodor, Andrea Huszár, Tibor Iski Kocsis, Csaba Nemes, Ana Opalic and Matko Vekic.

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