Maja and Reuben Fowkes are founders of the Translocal Institute for Contemporary Art and co-directors of the Postsocialist Art Centre (PACT) at the Institute of Advanced Studies, University College London. Their publications include Art and Climate Change (Thames & Hudson World of Art Series, 2022), Central and Eastern European Art Since 1950 (Thames & Hudson World of Art Series, 2020), the edited book Ilona Németh: Eastern Sugar (Sternberg Press, 2021), a special issue of Third Text on Actually Existing Artworlds of Socialism (2018) and Maja Fowkes’s The Green Bloc: Neo-Avant-Garde and Ecology under Socialism (2015). They recently contributed chapters to the Routledge Companion to Contemporary Art, Visual Culture, and Climate Change (2020), Creative Time: Another World is Possible (2019), Along Ecological Lines: Contemporary Art and Climate Crisis (2019), Art and Theory of Post-1989 Central and Eastern Europe: A Critical Anthology (MoMA, 2018), Art in Hungary 1956-1980: Doublespeak and Beyond (Thames & Hudson, 2018), Globalizing East European Art Histories: Past and Present (Routledge, 2018), Performance Art in the Second Public Sphere: Event Based Art in Late Socialist Europe (Routledge, 2018), as well as entries to The Post-Human Glossary (Bloomsbury Academic, 2018). Their curatorial projects include the exhibition Potential Agrarianisms, the Anthropocene Reading Room, the Danube River School and a trilogy of exhibitions on the revolutions of 1956, 1968 and 1989. Reuben is a member of the editorial board of Third Text. They are co-founders of the Environmental Arts and Humanities Initiative at Central European University Budapest. They lead the Getty Foundation Connecting Art Histories initiative supported research project Confrontations: Sessions in East European Art History.

Translocal Institute for Contemporary Art

The Translocal Institute for Contemporary Art is a platform for transnational research into East European art and ecology that operates across the disciplinary boundaries of art history, contemporary art and ecological thought. In addition to fostering research in the overlapping fields of contemporary art history and ecology, the activities of Translocal Institute include working with universities and art spaces across Europe to realise curatorial projects and contribute to arts education.

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Translocal Institute for Contemporary Art
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