SocialEast Forum on the Art and Visual Culture of Eastern Europe

The SocialEast Forum was a platform for innovative, transnational research on the art and visual culture of Eastern Europe that was established by Maja and Reuben Fowkes (Translocal) in 2006. Based on active collaboration with institutes of art history across Europe and the involvement of prominent academics, curators and artists, SocialEast is an internationally-recognised generator of innovative research into the contemporary art history of Eastern Europe. 

Art and Ideology (2006)
Art and Documentary (2006)
Art and Memory (2007)
Art and Revolution (2007)  
Art and Empire (2007) 
The Legacy of 1968 (2008) 
Foreign Experience in Post-89 Art ( 2009) 
Art and Espionage (2009)
Networks and Sociability ( 2010) 

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