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Art in the Age of the Anthropocene

This autumn Translocal Institute launches the Experimental Reading Room, an ongoing series of public seminars and guest lectures on art and ecology, the first of which focuses on Art in the Age of the Anthropocene.  

A number of places are available for the seminar group and those wishing to participate are invited to send a short motivation letter to the organisers. The group will meet on alternate Mondays beginning on 20 October to discuss key texts about the anthropocene and its paradigm-shifting implications for art and society.

Referring to the geological epoch in which we live, the anthropocene, or era of humankind, is based on the understanding that humans, as a single species, are in charge of the whole planet, causing global environmental change. The realisation that we have become geological agents with the power to alter the most basic physical processes of the planet has wide-reaching consequences for economics, society, politics, culture, as well as art. Considering the anthropocene as a transformative concept for environmental art history, sustainable art systems and green curating, this seminar will also approach the topic from a specific Central European position.

The Art in the Age of the Anthropocene seminar is led by Drs Maja and Reuben Fowkes and organised in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Budapest as part of Translocal Institute’s Experimental Reading Room project 2014-16. The Experimental Reading Room creates a space to interact, experiment, learn and dream our way to a new orientation towards ecological empathy in contemporary art and society. Based around a parallel program of degrowth lectures by prominent international thinkers and thematic study circles, the project is designed to engender the self-production of socially-embedded, theoretically-informed and practically-oriented knowledge in the vital field of art and ecology.

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Ecological Futures: Contemporary Art and Anthropocene Studies

Art and Ecological Crisis: Planetary Consciousness in Practice

What's Left of Nature: Reconnecting Art and Wilderness

Art in the Age of the Anthropocene



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