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Anthropocene Response

A series of visiting lectures by leading art theorists provides a platform to consider changing paradigms of social, economic and cultural thought in the light of the awareness of ecological crisis. In addition to presenting their research, speakers are invited to reflect on the implications of the anthropocene for their own professional trajectories.

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Natasha Ginwala
Justice as Medium

Guest lecture
13 June 2016, 19.00

Natasha Ginwala will present her ongoing curatorial and research process in conceiving Contour Biennale 8. Through artistic acts that challenge procedures of testimony, evidence production and witnessing; as well as the performative nature of the trial. The Great Council established in Mechelen during the fifteenth century stands as a historical reminder of a court architecture that first sought to address the European Lowlands through rational jurisprudence. We now face the limits of justice unravelling as a volatile crises of ethics within our collective present...(more)

Brian Holmes
Landscapes of Fear and Desire: The Political Ecology of the Present

Lecture and Workshop
6-7 May 2016

In this lecture/slideshow, art and cultural critic Brian Holmes explores some landscapes of late industrial modernism while developing his four-field theory of social change. Drawing on existential territories, organizational forms, abstract ideas and aesthetic impulses, he evokes the major political contradictions of the Anthropocene era, as well as the growing but still frustrated desires to resolve them. What does the concept of "political ecology" really mean? Where is the pathway to transform the present structure of society? Dead ends and violent confrontations will not be ignored in this thought-provoking inquiry...(more)

Katerina Gregos
The Politics of National Representation in the context of the Venice Biennale

10 March 2016

Katerina Gregos will speak about her approach and her experience in curating the Danish Pavilion in 2011 and the Belgian Pavilion in 2015. She will elaborate on alternative curatorial strategies that challenge the orthodoxy in the context of the national pavilions at the Venice Biennale, as well as what constitutes the notion of 'national representation'...(more)


Simon Sheikh
Art, Populism and the People

Translocal Institute
12 May 2015

In his presentation for Translocal Institute, London-based theorist Simon Sheikh addresses crucial issues around art and democracy that are of critical relevance to the social and political context of artistic production at a time of global uncertainty...(more)





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