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Powersave On - Endre Koronczi
Central European University Budapest
30-31 March 2006

An artist film commissioned for the Symposium on Sustainability and Contemporary Art at Central European University Budapest.

Endre Koronczi’s “Powersave On” takes the form of a video loop made up of images collected by the artist from the corridors and classrooms of the environmental studies department of CEU. The film mimics the mode of scientific observation, slowly panning across found objects and scenarios to recreate the atmosphere of life on the seventh floor.

The artist’s quasi-anthropological approach is reflected both in his concern to express the specific ambient of the depictions of nature and ecological degradation in the midst of an institutional environment, and his avoidance of direct value judgements of the locale he observes. Nevertheless, we can sense a subtle and non-violent critique of the sustainability of the institutional structures of academia, specifically the carefree use of energy and resources. The charm of the film lies in the way humorous juxtapositions between images are revealed in situ through the movement of the camera, rather than manufactured through editing and post-production.

One point raised by the film is whether, and if so how, scientists differ from artists in their use and awareness of visual imagery of the natural world. “Powersave On” can be understood within the genre of artist films about institutional architecture that investigate and expose the power structures that order public spaces. By bringing the department from the seventh floor to ground level, Koronczi’s film might also be read as a metaphor for the need to spread the ideas of sustainability across disciplinary boundaries.

Realised with the assistance of Lilla Földy, Péter Barcsai and Krisztián Kapás

Curated by Maja and Reuben Fowkes

Endre Koronczi, Powersave On, 2006



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