Experimental Reading Room

The Experimental Reading Room creates a space to interact, experiment, learn and dream our way to a new orientation towards ecological awareness in contemporary art and society. Based around a parallel program of degrowth lectures by prominent international thinkers and thematic study circles, the project is designed to engender the self-production of socially-embedded, theoretically-informed and practically-oriented knowledge in the vital field of art and ecology.

A regular series of study circles organised in collaboration with local universities at the Translocal Institute aimed to foster a community of intellectual and artistic enquiry into critical questions around art and ecology. Each semester focused on a particular theme, such as post-humanism, planetarity, biodiversity and wilderness, with readings provided to members of the circle, as well as occasional invited speakers.

A series of visiting lectures by leading art theorists provides a platform to consider changing paradigms of social, economic and cultural thought in the light of the awareness of ecological crisis. In addition to presenting their research, speakers are invited to reflect on the implications of the anthropocene for their own professional trajectories.

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