Art and Documentary

Ludwig Museum Budapest
10 November 2006

The second SocialEast Seminar coincided with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution in Budapest, and included coverage of issues such as: the role of contemporary art in commemorating historical events from the socialist period, both revolutions and counter-revolutions; the history and treatment of public monuments in Eastern Europe; relics of socialism in contemporary visual culture, and the use of photographic and film archives of the socialism in visual research.

Lynda Morris ( Norwich School of Art)
‘Picasso: Peace or Freedom: Sheffield Peace Congress 1950’
Eva Forgacs ( Pasadena Art Centre for Design)
'Documenting Socialism and Its Culture'
Angela Harutyunyan ( University of Bremen)
‘Collective Memory Fragmented: Public Symbols and Political Power in Minsk’
Anton Lederer (Rotor Graz)
‘Don't trust the pictures. Some examples of manipulation in art'

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